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Empowering Glass-Craft for Young People that Stopped Attending School

Are you a young person or their parent/carer who has experienced difficulties attending school?

Did too much stress, anger, anxiety, learning- or social difficulties come in your or your child’s way?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to these questions, then the 'SHIFTING SHARDS PROJECT’ might interest you. 

Why This Project?

As a parent I saw bright and talented young people having to leave school early because of particular difficulties they couldn’t overcome. One of those children was my own. As a psychotherapist I recognised the painful disempowerment of this experience and the isolated place you/ your child ends up in. As a glass-artist and therapist I wanted to help and developed ‘Shifting Shards’, offering skills for life 

through making a stained glass-piece in a ‘tailored-to-you’-way of learning.

How Does It Work For You?

In the first place, I am offering a place where you can feel okay however you feel and where you wont be judged or critisized, a place where you feel safe and can be yourself, without being forced or manipulated. In the second place, making a product of glass and learning new, practical skills can give you a great feeling of achievement and build your confidence and trust in your capacities.

You can make a piece of self created glass-art on any subject that is of interest to you.  We will design, choose the glass and practise the skills of glass cutting and assembling. I will teach you the skills step by step, at your own pace. Input from you is always welcome.

What Will You Do?

Creating stained glass is both exciting and challenging: it requires patience, perseverance and concentration. You will be working with specialised tools in a medium which is fragile and sharp.  When you work for several weeks on a piece, you might get frustrated & annoyed now and then, wanting to give up or maybe feeling anxious and thinking you are going to fail. This is where I will support you and offer you ways how to deal with those issues so that you learn to know yourself and grow your confidence.

Whats The Catch?

Here's For The Metaphore...

you cut and grind your shards and shape them into a whole picture. Through this process you shift some of your stuff, which makes you more whole again, stronger for the future, more creative, more confident. 

And The Finishing Touch

After finishing your piece, you will take your completed work home and receive a Certificate, outlining which skills you developed and to which degree.


£375 per 10 session, 2 hours per week, individual tutoring.

      £300 per 10 session p.p. for groups of 2-3 max. 

Price includes materials up to £25.


PS: *What is discussed in the sessions is confidential, except for when I need to disclose by law. 

I will always inform you if/when that is the case.

* I will need you & your caring adult to sign a form.

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