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Rosewindows is the Stained Glass Entreprise owned by Rosa Ferris,
located at the heart 
of the English glass industry in the West Midlands. 

You are welcome to visit.
To be sure that the studio is open, it is wise to contact her in advance. 
ROSEWINDOWS offers several services.
Click on the golden buttons below to find out about them.

Rosa’s art transforms traditional concepts of stained glass and engages you in stories
of life and faith, of love and losses, of trauma and overcoming’



Rosa's domestic work of Restoration and Commemorative windows adds to a household’s sense of
beauty and wonder 
and the process of the making is part of that (see ‘Restoration & commissions’)




With Rosa's classes she creates a safe space for new experiences, where people can breathe out from
every-day stress, develop their confidence & creativity and feel invigorated. 



And Rosa's tailored Workshops offer a wide range of possibilities for all kinds of groups and people,
such as healing, recovery and empowerment 
as well as quality-time-experiences for families and friends
for all kind of occasions and celebrations.



"I aim to create an oasis of art and creativity, filled with precious treasures that sparkle and shine, radiating magical splashes of colour and light; 

A meeting place of peace and beauty, where you stand still and wonder, 

where your senses are nourished and your soul is touched. 

At the same time the ROSEWINDOWS Studio is a vibrant workshop,
brimming with glass-activities for the wider community"

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