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Bespoke stained glass to your specification, 

unique, beautiful and timeless

Well crafted restored stained glass windows bring back to life that unique touch to your house and add to the quality of your daily life experience.


I am an experienced restorer and thoroughly enjoy being involved in that process.

To give you an impression of my craftswomanship restoring windows and doors you can click on the link below.

The Process of Restoration

Every restoration has its own unique journey, with often many more aspects to take into account then meet the eye. On that journey we will connect regularly to bring your wishes together with my expertise and ideas, about the details and the bigger picture. 

Here I describe in points what you can expect after your first contact:

  •  We will meet at your house so I can see the window(s) and the space they belong in. We will discuss the aspects the work requires. Based on your wishes I will give initial suggestions. I will also give you a rough price estimate.

  • The window(s) that need restoration will need to be taken out of their frame and transported to my studio for repair. In case they are outside-windows, they need to be temporarily replaced or boarded up.

  • When I have examined the window(s) in my studio, we will discuss all suggestions from both sides and I will give you a final quote. 

  • Once we agree on the quote, there is an advance-fee of 30% to be paid by you. Installments can be discussed, with the final payment at the day of delivery of the window(s).

  • While I am working on your restoration, you are welcome to visit and monitor the progress. I can assist you in finding a good joiner to do the additional work of taking out and re-installing the windows if needed.

View Restorations

There nearly doesn’t exist such a thing as a straightforward, simple repair in stained glass. However, I can help to make your repair as close as possible to that.


A few points to take into account for you if you want to have a job done:


  • An in situ-repair is very rare.

  • The window(s) need nearly always be taken out for repair. In case they are outside-windows, they need to be temporarily replaced or boarded up.

  • Often I will suggest a visit to your premises to discuss every aspect the work requires and to give you an estimate quote. 

  • Photo-material can be helpful and do the job instead, depending on the situation.

  • I can give you a final quote once I have examined the window(s) in my studio.


All work in stained glass is labour-intensive. 

And every need for repair is different, including many factors that decide what the final price becomes. 


Price-indications for repairs are ranging from £80 - £800 per window.


To view a few examples of repairs, you can click on the links below.

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