Welcome to this page to inform you about the Rosewindows classes
where you can make a piece at your own pace.


You can find ‘ROSEWINDOWS’ GLASS CLASSES in Rosa’s light-filled studio in THE RUSKIN GLASS CENTRE in Stourbridge. 

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The reasons you are interested in taking a course can be many: 

Maybe you have always loved stained glass and heritage or you enjoy working with your hands.

Maybe you like doing something creative or to restore a window in your house.

 Maybe it is what you’ve always dreamt of but never dared to do or maybe you want meeting up with others while making something at the same time…

Whatever your reasons to embark on a course, these are the things that can happen when you do:


That you feel excited, stimulated and relaxed, while time flies by.

That you experience the uplifting effect that working with your hands and coloured glass can bring to your well-being. 

That you develop your creativity, even when you thought you hadn’t any at all.

That you experience lots of joy when holding up your piece for the first time in the light  

And that you enjoy meeting new people of all walks of life that form a small community in it self. 

" I am prone to migraines, from working with the computer all day.
Doing stained glass actually reduces my migraines. " 


" I can arrive really tired, but at the end of the session I feel really revived "


"I never thought that I was creative, but I actually have discovered that I am... it is so therapeutic "

  • You can start at any time and at any level. 

  • You will join a group of max 8 people

  • you will get individually taught, tailored to you. 

  • All you need is to bring is that you enjoy working with your hands

Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge DY8 4HE