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Bespoke stained glass to your specification, 

unique, beautiful and timeless

Bespoke stained glass to your specification, 

unique, beautiful and timeless

ly impossible as pricing is for each piece differently, depending on size, choice of glass, intracacy, (? right spelling) and many more factors. To give an indication: Stained glass art has a price of £2000-£8000 per meter square.

  • an enhancement of your house or office as a gift to yourself

  • your logo, interpretated artistically in glass the commemoration of a person special to you, or of an occasion 

  • a gift for a special celebration of a person, like a marriage, death of a loved one, a birth, leaving work e.a.

  • smaller scale architectural glass 

From a practical point, the range of options with regards to commissions can be: 

  • windows, doors and/or walls

  • window-hangings and illuminated wallhangings 

  • standing and hanging installations for both inside and outside, in all kind of sizes. 

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You can commission me for all kind of reasons such as 

Commissioning stained glass is like going on an adventure of discovery 

for you as well as for me. 

The main important thing in commissioning to me is that, what you are looking for and have been dreaming of, will be translated into a glass piece which is exactly what you want it to be, and preferably that it exceeds your expectations. 

Call me for a consultation or call into the studio to meet and to discuss what you have in mind, even if it is in the early stages and not yet crystalised into something concrete. 

I hope we can go together on this journey of discovery towards the creation of something special and unique. 

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