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Glass, crystals, shells, beads, copper foil, solder, wood (frame), LED-screen. 


‘KRACKEN AND CYCLOPS’  51cm  x 76cm x 5cm.

        ‘MEDUSA’  62,5cm x 62,5cm x 5cm 


On request

2015 / 2016

In  January 2015 ‘Fionnathan Productions* ’ approached Rosa to be part of their collaborative inclusion project to create a piece of art, inspired by Fionn’s drawings. This resulted in the 

creation of ‘Kracken’, which we called a treasure. Eleven other artists in Co. Clare in Ireland were asked to do the same. All works were exhibited in Ennis County Council in the spring of that year. 

After that we decided to do some more collaboration. 

Fionn came to visit in June and did a weekend-workshop with Rosa, making a bird in stained glass.

And Rosa created 2 more pieces, ‘Cyclops’ and ‘Medusa’.

These pieces were entered in the ‘Heart & Sold’ exhibition in London, New York and Manchester, from July 2015 - April 2016. ‘Heart and Sold’ is a charity in the UK, promoting art made by people with Down Syndrome and Rosa’s pieces were showcased as a contribution to the inclusion-project.

About ‘Fionnathan Productions’

Fionn and his dad Jonathan, who are lving in Ireland, have set up the social enterprise ‘Fionnathan’,   to support young people with Down Syndrome to follow their dreams and show the world that that is possible. Their vision that ‘disability’ only happens when you don’t have the help you need; and that each of is is ‘able’ through the support of others. 

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