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This commission’s brief was to make a ‘light’ above the front door for a renovated corridor of a Victorian House, where most of the stained glass was removed. 

The client wanted a piece that would fit in with the traditional feel of the house and be at the same time something new. 

As inspiration for the design I chose the pattern and colours of the corridor floor-tiles. It would make for the window to be an integrated part of the house. The choice of colours and the use of bevelled crystal roundels made for a radiating ‘light’ that stands out as a special feature of the house.

The old window was removed and replaced by me, held in place with beading.

‘When I come home in the darkness, there is this burst of light coming welcoming me every night. It lightens up my heart every time a new. There is something about the window only glass and Rosa’s craftman-ship can give’. (C.B.)

Client's Comment

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact Rosa

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