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For young and old, for celebrations and gatherings, for families, friends and organisations.

The Glass Mosaic workshop is an activity that takes around 4-5  hours to complete. 

You will be making a mosaic, laid out on an A3- or A4-size glass-sheet.  

You will be using glass off-cuts and you are in this way recycling glass. No cutting or grinding is required. After filling your sheet, in whatever way you want, e.g. by creating an image you have in mind, or by organising colours in a particular way, or by just by fitting random pieces together. You will then stick all the pieces down with adhesive, after which  it will be definitely time for a break, while the glue can be nicely drying in the meantime. 

Then we get to the messy bit: the grouting! Be sure you 
aren't wearing your best  clothes for this part... It's not that bad after al.  You will then need to leave your piece to dry after the grouting is done and  your part of the activity is now done.

Rosa will do the last clean up on the day after the workshop and she will add a frame as well, to give it the finishing touch. Your piece can now be collected to take home.

 An engaging, creative activity for groups from 4-20 participants.

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