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‘YGGDRASIL’ Tree of Life, was made on the theme of ‘Our Fragile Earth’ for the yearly Inis Cealtra Art exhibition in Mount-Shannon, Co. Clare, Irl.


Glass, copper foil, solder, crystals, glass beads, lead came, Wooden frame & light screen (optional).


64 cm x 72 cm x 5 cm



Tree of Life



Created for the Inis Cealtra Exhibition ‘OUR FRAGILE EARTH’, Mount Shannon, Irl. 2009


‘An ash I know there stands,
Yggdrasill is its name,
a tall tree, showered
with shining loam
From there come the dews
that drop in the valleys.
It stands forever green over

Uror’s well’ 


Stanza 2 , Edda Poems

In this glass piece I integrated the 4 seasons in the Tree of Life, with symbolical messages about the fragility of our earth

In the season of spring we see Uror’s well and above it the butterfly, just born from it’s puppa. 

Where butterflies have their habitat, it means that our environment is in a healthy balance.

The sunflower symbolises both the importance of sunlight on all that grows as well as  approaching summer.

The bees are in the top centre of the picture. 

Thinking of fragility, we are all aware that the bees are severely endangered by the global scale on which we use pesticides in our society, by big-scale suicide-missions of bee-colonies living in unhealthy habitats and by the imported Varoa-ilness, which bees in Europe and the USA can’t cope with. 

Endangering bees means endangering our human existence on the earth. 

I placed them in the top centre to draw attention to and honour their existence and their underestimated endangerment. In the dark warm colours of autumn you can see an owl appearing. These beautiful and very useful creatures were often shot by people in rural Ireland. It broke my heart to come across this phenomena and this is why I inserted the owl, who oh so silently hunts for rodents that endanger our foods stored in farms.

The last season, winter shows the frozen well and the stillness, death and decay in winter, the silence of hibernation, regaining of energy for 

new life to start in spring.

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