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My client commissioned me to replace a broken window in the entry door of her house

between the hall and the corridor

This door then went through a thorough transformation. 

The house itself contains many Edwardian stained glass windows and doors.
I used one of the door- windows as an inspiration to fit in with the style. 


I also received artistic freedom to rejuvenate the window according to my vision. 

  1. I removed the paint and a beautiful old pine-door appeared.

  2. The glass was held in a rebate. This meant that the new window needed to be made in situ.

  3. The delicate glass used for the flowers and leaves is mouth-blown ‘English antique glass’.

  4. The surrounding glass is made out of the tender pastels of ‘English muffled glass'.

We enjoyed a collaborative process with Rosa to create this beautiful new window (see pic) for an internal door. Rosa visited the house to see the existing stained glass windows and developed a design that echoed the traditional designs in the original glass expressed through her own contemporary style. The resulting window is a piece of original art in itself – our contribution to the house’ (K.S) 

Client's Comment

The finishing touch

Instead of straight reinforcements, take note of the invisible way in which the carpenter and I attached and inserted the reinforcements (pic 6)…I am quite proud of that having worked out so well.

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact Rosa

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