My client had her entire front porch renewed and commissioned me 

for a door-window with 2 side windows.

We went through a long, productive process of altering designs and trying out different choices of glass, before we finally settled on this one and the choice of hand blown ‘English antique glass’, with it’s beautiful hue, blown by the company  ‘English Antique Glass’ in Bordesley Hall. 

With regards to the choice of glass, we kept 3 issues in mind: 

  • the area is North facing, quite dark a lot of the time and the glass needs to brighten up the space, while not loosing it’s transparency. 

  • for safety reasons the window shouldn’t be entirely transparent.

  • The glass had to be incapsulated in double glazing, to keep the warmth in, to protect the fragile glass used in an outside-door and to add protection to the house. 

With regards to the design, my client had 3 wishes: 

  • to make a more modern kind of stained glass, without it being abstract. 

  • to have flowing shapes with not too many bits and pieces.

  • to incorporate Calla Lilies in the design, because of the special meaning 

  • these flowers hold for her 


In this commission many different issues needed to be addressed and processed, which made for an end-result of splendor and beauty.

Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge DY8 4HE