An architectural art-design  that added a special touch to an entirely renovated home in the West Midlands

This window was designed  and produced , after I visiting my clients' house, connecting with them about their tastes and personal preferences, taking into account the atmosphere, use of  materials and colour-scheme of  the home. We went through a productive process  of trying out different choices of glass and visited 'English Antique glass' in Boardsley Hall, to settle on their beautiful handblown glass. The design is simple, making use of large pieces of glass, to show the beauty of the pattern, which gives hints of geological creations we can find in nature, a feature that connected with the remembrance of a loved one for my client.In this way it became also a window of commemoration.

With regards to the choice of glass, we kept the following issues in mind: 

  • the area is inside the house and doesn't have much direct light coming through

  • the glass needs to brighten up the space, while blending in with the interior, subtly standing out

With regards to the design, my client had 3 wishes: 

  • to make a more modern kind of abstract stained glass, 

  • A flowing kind of shape which would go with the narrowness of the window, narrow and tall.

  • Not too many bits and pieces.


The windows shapes form a nearly three-dimensional design that creates a feeling of flow. 

Delicate Openings

Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge DY8 4HE