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Kingfisher window for door (2016)

The client asked me to do a repair to the window. 

He had the window removed from the door, after I visited him and brought it to my studio.

This window is typical example of how a seemingly simple repair becomes a restoration project. 

The window looked in a good state in general, except for the broken parts.

However, the window had to be taken apart to access the middle area.

And here it started become a much bigger project then anticipated.

  • The lead came, old and battered by the elements of sun rain and wind, has lost its vitality and falls apart once you start cutting into it. It means the entire framework needs renewing to get a good result instead of a botched job.(pic 3)

  • As I am not a glass-painter I had to ….   this part of the work out. The glass used for this part is not available anymore. A different glass with a slightly different shade of yellow had to be used, which looked much newer. The ‘unity of the window’ was gone now. 

  • Since the whole window needed to be re-leaded, I suggested a new colour-scheme, close to the old one, but giving the entire window a new life.

‘ When you restore a stained glass window it is worthwhile doing it properly. It enhances the quality of the entire house and of the living experience. A job well done.’ MT.

Client's Comment

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