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Free standing Glass installation, commemorating the Baptism of Rosa’s 2 daughters in the year 2008 in the Cathedral Church of St. Flannan, Killaloe, Co.Clare, Irl. 


Glass, copperfoil, solder, lead came, cement, steel reinforcement, glass crystals, glass beads


90cm x 90cm x 8cm.

Baptismal Window



This piece is made originally in 2010 and had a complete overhaul in 2013. It is originally made to commemorate the christening of my 2 daughters in the Christian Community in Co. Clare, Irl in 2010


When it suffered from broken pieces while it moved islands, I took the opportunity to bring in changes which I wanted to bring to it after its first presentation. 

Rosa’s interpretation of the Sacrament of Baptism (fire, ash, salt, water)

The piece is formed in the shape of a Celtic Cross, which we can find everywhere on the British Isles, where both my daughters are born. It also refers to Christ’s death and resurrection. 

From the top of the cross is the Holy Spirit rising heavenwards. 

My daughters are represented in the Rose and the Lily. They are in the part of the heavens, from where they have come down to earth. Below the two arms is the earthly realm, those of water and earth.

The realm of water, where the liquid life-forces linger. The salmon of wisdom (Irl) meanders through the water. On the right side is the lamb, being sacrificed in the  fire creating ash, transformation of matter. It is the realm of destiny, of consciousness, of what our earthly lives are about.

The salt is embodied in the crystals, that bring structure to our beings.

Set at the point of stillness in the centre of the piece is the Madonna and child, crowned with heavenly jewels, the symbol for unconditional love

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